You can reach your leadership goals

Coaching for Leaders

You may feel like you can never catch up, and yet you want to reach personal and professional goals. So I’ve created a coaching process that will meet you where you are, and help you get where you want to go.

I’m a master certified professional coach with years of experience in leading organizations and managing people.

Don’t waste another day thinking about reaching out. You and your team can move forward in 2021.

How it Works

I will support you as you take each step with positive accountability. Coaching truly makes a difference.

Clarify your goals in a supportive coaching process that will help you clear out the distractions and find your focus.

Identify the practices that work for you, using your own experience, gifts, talents, and skills.

Act on your plan for a renewed vision for life, with the support of a trusted coach as you take the steps you have outlined, learning from each new habit and practice until you find a new place of confidence and wellness as a human being, and a leader. 

Focus Areas

  • Self-care
  • Conflict Management
  • Productivity
  • Learning and Professional Development
  • Career Transition
  • New Leaders
  • Culture Change
  • Team Leadership
  • Launching a New Business
  • Nonprofit Organizational Leadership
Greg Goebel, Master Certified Professional Coach


“Greg helped me get a clear vision on where I wanted to go and what I needed to focus on to get there.” -Trey Thompson, The Lincoln Hair Company and Studio

“Few people have impacted my life as much as Greg over the past fourteen years. He has a unique capacity to listen well, coupled with the interpersonal skills to respond to any situation in understanding and insightful ways.” -Greg Austin, CEO Austin Technology Group

“He helps me to learn more about myself each time we meet. His experience really shows in the sessions we have had and I can’t wait for my next session.” -Cassandra Ellis, The Synergy Key

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